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Formal Dress Shop Northern Ireland

Do you have Special Occassion clothing that you would like to sell?

As a Special Occasion, Couture & Formal Dress Shop in Northern Ireland, at Velvet Vixen we understand that style is more than a price tag; it’s wearing something that shows you and your personality. However, we also know when you make a statement with your outfit, you make a lasting impression, so people remember, what you wore and how you wore it.

That’s when wearing that same outfit again may not be an option. So at Velvet Vixen we are all about releasing designer, couture, special occasion / formal outfits from the prison that is your wardrobe.

So if you are concerned about repeating outfits in the same social circles, we offer a cunning solution.

Formal Dress Shop Northern Ireland

The Velvet Vixen Resale Service

Velvet Vixen can help you release your wardrobe, recoup some of the outlay and gain satisfaction from not letting that special outfit waste away in secret.

If you have purchased designer or couture special occasion wear (within the last 3 years), or mother of the Bride / Groom (in the last 2 years) we can assist you in repurposing it by placing it in the boutique for other fashion enthusiasts to view.  For specially commissioned couture pieces and Vintage designs specifically for formal and event wear, there is no time constraint.

Formal Dress Shop Northern Ireland

The Details…

If repurposing to Velvet Vixen, you should consider that the item has been once worn, ideally provide a purchase receipt, and conduct your own research to determine a fair selling price. You must also upload a picture of your beautiful outfit to allow us to consider if we can sell it on your behalf. All items must be dry cleaned.  Items must also be without imperfections, with the exception of genuine vintage, which must be in excellent condition.

Our service deducts 30% of the sale price.

We are a new Couture, Special Occasions Wear and Formal Dress Shop in Northern Ireland.  If you are interested in vending your item through Velvet Vixen the process couldn’t be simpler.  Fill in the form below; to start the selling process.

How do I sell my special event clothing

at Velvet Vixen?

Fill in our Re-seller Request Form

All requests for the Velvet Vixen resell service must go through the website request form.   This is a quick and easy process.  You can find this on the following page by clicking here.  You must read the T&C’s and complete a short request form.

Await our Response

Once you fill in the Re-seller Request Form, Velvet Vixen will get back to you ASAP and confirm  next steps via email. (Unfortunately we can not accept all requests as we have to ensure that we stock a range of clothing types, styles, sizes and brands).

Ship your Item to us!

After you receive confirmation from us, we will ship the postage bag and associated tags to you. Then just ship your item to us (recorded/special delivery) within 7 days of receiving your postage pack from Velvet Vixen.  At any stage, please fell free to contact us on our website or through Instagram.

Re-Seller Request Form

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