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So as the Mother of the Bride what should be doing in the run-up to the wedding?? See below for some quick tips and guides; 

1. Emotional Support and Guidance

  • Provide Emotional Support: Be there to listen, provide advice, and reassure your daughter during the planning process.
  • Offer Guidance: Share your experiences and suggestions but respect her decisions.

2. Planning Assistance

  • Attend Key Appointments: Join your daughter for dress fittings, venue visits, and meetings with vendors if invited.
  • Help with Research: Assist in researching vendors, venues, and service providers.
  • Manage Guest List: Help compile and organize the guest list and track RSVPs.

3. Financial Contributions

  • Budget Discussions: Participate in discussions about the budget and offer financial contributions if possible.
  • Manage Payments: Assist in tracking and managing payments to vendors.

4. Outfit Coordination

  • Choose Your Outfit: Select your own wedding attire, coordinating with the mother of the groom if necessary.
  • Assist Bride: Help the bride choose her dress and accessories if she wishes.

5. Hosting and Organizing Events

  • Host Pre-Wedding Events: Organize or co-host events like the bridal shower or engagement party.
  • Coordinate Rehearsal Dinner: Work with the groom’s family to plan and host the rehearsal dinner.

6. Logistics and Arrangements

  • Accommodations: Help arrange accommodations for out-of-town guests and family members.
  • Transportation: Assist in organizing transportation for the wedding party and guests.

7. Wedding Day Preparations

  • Emergency Kit: Prepare a wedding day emergency kit with essentials like safety pins, tissues, makeup, and snacks.
  • Final Touches: Help with last-minute preparations and ensure everything is set for the big day.

8. Ceremony and Reception Duties

  • Processional: Know your role in the wedding processional.
  • Greeting Guests: Help greet and welcome guests as they arrive.
  • Speech/Toast: Prepare and deliver a heartfelt speech or toast if you feel comfortable doing so.

9. Communication and Coordination

  • Vendor Liaison: Act as a point of contact for vendors on the wedding day to ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • Coordinate with Wedding Planner: Work closely with the wedding planner or coordinator.

10. Personal Care

  • Self-Care: Ensure you take care of yourself amidst the busy schedule.
  • Relaxation: Take time to relax and enjoy the moments leading up to the wedding.

11. Special Touches

  • Family Traditions: Incorporate family traditions and heirlooms into the wedding if the bride wishes.
  • Personal Gifts: Consider giving your daughter a special gift or keepsake to commemorate the day.

12. Post-Wedding Responsibilities

  • Assist with Cleanup: Help with post-wedding cleanup and packing.
  • Follow-Up: Assist the couple in writing and sending out thank-you notes to guests and vendors.

By focusing on these tasks, the mother of the bride can play a crucial and supportive role in ensuring the wedding planning process is smooth and enjoyable for her daughter.